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Employment Pass (EP) Application Support

An Employment Pass is required for a foreigner to work in Singapore. The Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has tightened the eligibility of foreigners for applications of EP in the recent years.

The time required to issue an EP, and the number of rejected applications for both new and renewal EPs have increased over the years. This suggests that it is essential to have correct understanding and knowledge about the latest requirements, hense it is highly recommended to utilise professional services to improve chances of successful applications.


Our experts with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge will support you with your EP application.

We also assist in the application of Dependant's Passes (DP) for the family.


For more information, please contact us by email at  or by filling out Contact Us form.

EP Application Flow

Self-Assessment Tool

Prior to an application, we will check using the SAT whether the employee requires an Employment Pass (EP) or an S Pass.

MyCareers FutureJob ads

Companies with 11 or more employees are required to place a job advertisement on the govermnent job search site MyCareersFuture before applying for their employees' EP or S Pass. This is intended to regulate recruitment activities for foreigners and to give Singaporeans equal opportunity to apply for the same position.

* We also provide a service to post job advertisements on MyCareers Future as Employment Pass Pre-Application Service.

EP application

We will apply for the EP on your behalf.

Receive In-Principle Approval Letter

An IPA letter will be issued once the work permit application is approved.

​EP card issuance

The candidate is required to register their fingerprints and provide a photo identification before they can receive their EP card.

Flow of Application

1. Consultation

Contact us

2. Formal request

3. Provide 
necessary infomation

4. Application
of EP

5. Arrival in 

6. EP Issuance

1. Consultation, inquiry
Please contact us by email (, or by filling out the inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page.
2. Formal Request
Please check the quotation and request by email.
3. Provide Personal Information
We will let you know the necessary information and materials you need to provide for the application.

4. Application of EP
We will apply on your behalf.

5. Arrival in Singapore
The candidate will have to arrive in Singapore once the EP is approved. They are required to stay in Singapore during the EP issuance process.

6. EP issuance
The candidate is required to provide an identification photo and to register their fingerprints at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) at a reserved date and time. The EP card will be mailed to the designated address about two weeks after their registration is complete.


For more information, please contact us by email at  or by filling out Contact Us form.

EP Application          S$1,500

* Actual costs such as application fees are not included

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